Our brands were created to allow people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Surrounded by smart, passionate people, exclusive products and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business, achieving your goals, and earning an income

Hydro Entertainment Network

We provide the best affordable digital home services on the market today.We have our custom designed platform on our android based devices which allows you to enjoy watching television in the comfort of your own home or on your mobile devices on the go

Hydro H2O

Our product line was assembled for people of all ages. We want to make sure you can endure a healthy lifestyle whether you are a world class athlete, working woman, working man, and even a healthy child.Getting enough folic acid is critical to healthy development and our ``Mommy`` water is the answer. Breathe easy because our Mommy water has enough folic acid and the necessary vitamins for women during their pregnancy.

Hydro Health

Our mission is to provide products that can transform lives physically and mentally for both humans and pets. We provide you with products that help you feel your best every single day. As you transform your health to be at your best on a daily basis, you will also bolster your emotional health and balance each day as well. We also have our CBD product line that gives you other options to transform and provide you with a better overall feeling.

LeFace Skin Care

We know you won't live forever, but why not live beautifully while you grace the earth? Le'Face is a gold standard skincare company with premium products formulated with cutting edge ingredients and high-performance traditional ingredients to provide long term skincare treatments instead of short-term cover-ups.While minimizing the ingredients that might make you smell and feel nice (but don't actually work), our products are formulated to protect healthy skin, prevent damage and reverse the signs of premature aging.